Selecting the best software to back up your DVDs


If you are upto date with the recent trends in home entertainment then you will have noticed the increase and take over the DVD. This format is now the most widley used format acrross the media platform and because they are now so cheap to buy they have become the media of choice for many people to copy and backup their dvd collection.

DVD domination

with this relatively recent domination of the world home video market by DVDs, there have been many corresponding developments in support hardware and software that have cropped up in its wake. DVD players are of course the most noticeable of the hardware developments, given that they are absolutely necessary in order to view DVD movies in the first place.

As you may have expected in today's highly competitive and cutthroat atmosphere, the race among competitors to grab the lion's share of the consumer market has been raging hot and heavy ever since the very first combatant entered the fray. In fact, as of this writing, the war for home entertainment supremacy has not shown any sign of stopping or even of slowing down.

Going soft

DVDs have to be written to or burned on in the first place, so on the software front, DVD authoring software packages have naturally been developed, and in this particular field, the competition is just as fierce as the competition for DVD-oriented hardware preeminence.

Now the battle has shifted over to the DVD copying software front and going by all indications, DVD Next Copy stands to make some very significant victories.

DVD Next Copy has actually been around for a good number of years now-albeit under its original incarnation as DVD X Copy. DVD X Copy enjoyed quite a stellar reputation among experts in the industry for its extreme user friendliness and ease of use. DVD Next Copy promises to offer more of the same functionality and a lot more additional features besides.

Upon first glance, DVD Next Copy does not really seem to offer users any particularly new or exciting capabilities that were not already present in other DVD copying software packages. A closer look however will show you that there is a lot more to the DVD Next Copy than meets the eye. Carrying on with the proud legacy of its notable predecessor, this version is not only easy to use and jam packed with tremendously useful features, it is also quite easy on the eyes as well.

DVD Next Copy offer users the ability to make copies of DVDs, as you may have expected, but it also allows you to save DVD movies as video files in your computer hard drive, from where you can make multiple copies.

Compatibility issues

Offering the utmost in compatibility and user friendliness, DVD Next Copy also allows you to erase and reuse virtually all brands of rewritable DVD discs. Almost all major Dual Layer and Single Layer discs and burners are supported as well, so you never have to worry about buying the wrong discs or seeing that dreaded "disc incompatible" error message.

There is an overwhelming array of options out there if you are in the market for a DVD copying solution. A closer look at DVD Next Copy will convince you however that this one stands head and shoulders above the rest.

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