Dell Laptop battery maintenance guide


Battery is the consumables, with a limited life expectancy, most manufacturers warranty for the notebook battery time ranging from three months to a year, Dell is to follow industry standards to provide a limited warranty for one year. For batteries, use the correct and proper storage, can significantly extend the battery life of notebook computers.

First, the battery useing must follow some attention points:

  1. When you use laptop with external power, you dont need to take out the battery.
  2. There is a chip to prevent over-charging in the mainboard. When the rechargeable battery power to 100% state of charge, the charge control chips (FET) will stop charging the battery. We do not have to worry about damage to the battery.
  3. Connect the battery to avoid loss of BIOS information.
  4. To prevent a sudden loss of power break.
  5. To prevent exposure to prevent damp to prevent the erosion of liquid chemicals, batteries to avoid contact with metal objects, such as exposure to short-circuit occurrence.
  6. Long-term do not use notebooks, how to store the laptop battery?
We will have a period of time not to use the notebook, the battery is fully charged to preserve, or to be released after save electricity?

Put long-term preservation of photoelectric batteries will lose their activity and even lead to the control circuit protection self-locking and can not re-use, full of power will bring about long-term preservation of the safety problems, the best method is to save electricity use to 40 or so and then stored in cool dry place, about 20 degrees Celsius is the ideal storage temperature. Of course, the best month to come up with to use a battery, the battery can ensure a good state of preservation, but also does not allow the loss of electricity damage to the battery completely.

How can I exam the Dell battery power? (For example in cell D610 battery)

Remove the battery, press the Macbook Pro battery power signs, we can see the situation of the five battery status lights. For two bright, representing 40% of the electricity. Electricity on behalf of the entire light is sufficient, if the 135-light, that damage the battery.

Second, how to extend as much as possible the work of laptop battery time?

1. To reduce the screen brightness. How to adjust the brightness of the use of laptop batteries, boot by F2, into the BIOS to adjust the Brightness of Video. Or fn + down / up key combination to adjust the brightness quickly.

2. Open the CPU speedstep feature, you can greatly extend the working hours of laptop battery; Cpu's speedstep feature is enabled by default BIOS of. When using batteries, cpu will automatically down-use, in order to achieve energy-saving purpose. If not enabled, please start by F2, into the BIOS found in Performance, for the Speedstep Enable setting Enabled. (An earlier version of BIOS is the Alt + P to the sixth page, modify intel speedstep)

3. Make the best use of standby, sleep and other functions. When a longer period of time without a computer, allowing notebook standby or hibernation, both to save power and extend the life of the computer. (Tips: Please confirm the successful installation of graphics drivers, power management options can be set up.)
WINDOWS in the process of power management settings, we generally can be set to "portable / laptop" (Portable / Laptop).
At the same time suggest that you will use the powerbook G4 battery when the wait time to close the monitor is set to 5 minutes, so when we do not operate within a certain period of time the notebook, it will direct the state of black screen, so other than the screen saver to run more power.

4. When using the battery as much as possible the closure of wireless, Bluetooth and infrared ports. At the same time to remove without the use of peripherals and to avoid the opening of a large 3D program, games and so on, in order to reduce unnecessary battery consumption.

Of course, on the controversy over the use of batteries, there are divergent views have any objection if we can forum to ask questions, let us discuss how to maintain the battery.

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