cara mempercepat download rapidshare


Rapidshare merupakan filehosting terbesar saat sekarang ini yang menyimpan ribuan file dan mengizinkan dengan gratis/free bagi netter di dunia untuk meng-upload atau pun men-download file yang ada di Rapidshare. Ada dua macam jenis account di rapidshare yaitu free account rapidshare dan premium account rapidshare.

Untuk Free user:

* Harus antri
(menunggu countdown timer sebelum link download muncul)
* dibatasi hanya satu ip address yang bisa mendownload pada waktu yang sama
* tidak bisa menggunakan aplikasi download manager *) seperti flashget
* kecepatan downloadnya juga dibatasi.
* untuk upload ukuran file maksimal 200 MB.
* File akan dihapus jika dalam 30 hari tidak ada yang mendownload
* Tidak bisa melanjutkan download jika koneksi terputus.

Untuk Premium Account:

* Maksimal file yang bisa di upload 2000 MB
* Dapat personal webspace sebesar 500 GB
* Trafik 80 GB/bulan
* Bisa menggunakan download manager
* Kecepatan tidak dibatasi
* Tidak dibatasi untuk 1IP yang mau download bersamaan
* Dan masih banyak kelebihan lagi tentunya

Nah di sini saya akan memberi info tentang bagaimana menghapus counter down di rapidshare. Bukan speed downloadnya!!! Yang pertama yang perlu anda siapkan adalah tekad dan niat untuk download, entah itu download film, download mp3, download software, download wallpaper, atau bahkan download BOKEP, gadis SMU NGESEX, JILBAB BERKERUDUNG NGENTOT juga download MARIA OZAWA(miyabi) di rapidshare banyak lo yang MARIA OZAWA UNCENCORED sengihnampakgigi , itu semua terserah anda tentunya. Nah yang kedua siapkan browser MOZILLA FIREFOX, kemudian:

1. Copy-paste alamat (URL) file yang hendak anda download di address bar Mozilla.
2. Setelah halaman Rapidshare muncul, klik yang Free account saja.
3. Maka akan muncul counter down, abaikan saja, hapus string url di address bar anda hingga bersih, kemudian masukkan kode java script berikut:
4. Lalu tekan ENTER, maka muncul sebuah message box di hadapan anda, tekan saja [OK], dalam sekejap counter down akan segera lenyap dari hadapan anda dan rapidshare akan menampilkan link download file yang ingin anda download. jika tidak berhasil refresh browser anda berulang kali, sampai file berhasil di download.

Mudah bukan? gimana masih binggung? ada yang kurang jelas? silahkan tinggal comment di bawah jika kurang jelas ok nerd . Jika cara yang di atas masih males, nanti akan saya posting login dan password account premium rapidshare.


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Compare Home Insurance


Very few things are more valuable in life than our home that we make for our loved ones, because our hard earned money is invested in it. Home is a most valuable commodity in our lives, the contents of our home are not just expensive, but it has a great value for us.

Home insurance is a ideal way to protect your home against any man made or natural calamities, because it saves you from huge financial loss. Basically, there are two types of home insurance policies are available in the market. You should consider which one is worth for your home.

Many insurance companies are in the market that are offering home insurance policies with attractive schemes and discounts. Choosing the right kind of home insurance policy is a very important, but it can be difficult and time consuming where to go to find the right kind of insurance policy.

Comparing home insurance is most important steps towards purchasing appropriate policy for your valuable home. And for this, online shopping for home insurance is a ideal way, it's not a critical like earlier days. The availability of information is huge on the internet, you can easily get what you want. Here, you can know the status of various insurance companies. Always choose reputed and large network insurance company, because they are always easily available and faster for service.

Today, hundreds of private websites are providing unique comparison tools for the customers. The service is provided for the better results and absolute free. At a time, you can compare multiple home insurance policies for the rates, features and benefits and keep continuing till you are not satisfied with result.

By comparing multiple insurance quotes, you can easily find out affordable home insurance policy for your valuable home. Additionally, you will deal for the better benefits.

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Cancer eMedicine


Prostate trouble survival and prostate cancer life outlook are like two sides of the same coin. One is completely conditional on the other. Each individual is unique in this world.

Come visit us right here for more Prostate Cancer and Prostate Signs Info and get a bunch of great Prostate Cancer Signs Ebooks Prostate Cancer eMedicine.

Almost all health pros are of the view that the detection of the cancer at a very early stage is singularly beneficial in containing the metastasis ( spreading to other parts of the body ) of the cancer. If metastasis occurs the survival of the patient becomes questionable. At the same time they are of the view that doing biopsy to patients above 70 is also very dangerous. This might affect their prostate cancer life outlook.

Prostate problems survival relies on the potency with which it is diagnosed. This is done by grading and staging. In staging methodology, four stages A, B, C, and D have been postulated depending on the scale of the illness. Stage A represents confinement of cancer in the prostate, Stage B palpable nodule formed but restricted to the area of prostate, Stage C spreading of nodule regionally and Stage D cancer extending to other parts called metastasis.

In the scaling system Gleason scaling is preferred for gauging the progress of the prostate trouble. If the Gleason score is six or less, the cancer cells are not likely to spread. Any Gleason score from eight to 10 indicates metastasis.

Are there techniques to basically stop the on setting of prostate tumor to improve the probabilities of prostate cancer survival? The answer's a powerful no. There are some decisions according to researchers to reduce the danger. Diet and approach to life choices play a urgent part in reducing prostate cancer risk.

to lengthen prostate cancer life outlook, different treatment choices is mooted. But as per Medical Review Boards, it takes 10 years to complete detailed studies over a broad range of patients, which is an expensive proposition. So analysts have taken information from history to compare treatments. This is referred to as a retrospective study and is not really trustworthy.

The development of cancer in older men ( which is always the case ) challenges the potency of treatment techniques, since thanks to the slow-growing nature ; they may not need any treatment at all if the scale of the disease is low.

Prostate trouble survival is a complicated issue. Assorted factors come into play like race, food habits, and approach to life determines the onset of the illness. The treatment choices also need to be weighed against life outlook predictions.

Come visit us right here for more Prostate Cancer and Prostate Signs Info and get a bunch of great Prostate Cancer Signs Ebooks Prostate Cancer eMedicine.

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How To Avoid Cancer


Cancer is the third biggest cause of death in the world according to study. Death rate would increase faster because of cancers. Unless caught in the early stages, cancers are very difficult to treat. Usually people do not like to mention cancers. The main treatment approach we can get is just surgery . But in fact when you really have a cancer and cancer cells have spreaded in your body , surgery is not so effective as you expected.

Prevention is much wiser way than surgery. You know that there are a lot of cancer which can be preventable. A panel of experts collected the statistics after reviewing the available scientific evidence about cancer, diet and exercise. While they also work out some guidelines about how we can lower cancer rates.

Actually we do not know exactly the relationship of lifestyle and cancers. But very few cancers can be inherited. So by modifying our lifestyle will reduce the chances of cancer by at least a third.

First, obesity is the major cause of cancer. It is cause of cancers of the oesophagus, colon and rectum, pancreas, breast, endometrium, and kidneys. The mass index of our body is supposed to lie between 21 and 23. So we need a weight loss diet to shed those kilos with exercise and caloric restriction.

Secondly, do some exercise. Apart from losing weight, being fit has direct anti-cancer effect. Moderate physical exercise for 30 minutes like brisk walking a day is recommended by researchers. It is fit for most of us. The another important point of doing exercises is persistence. You would get nothing with exercises for only one or two days

Next, our dietary intake also has very close relationship with cancer. Mostly we have to care about is how much alcohol we need drink. Certain alcohol is beneficial to our health but excess will increases the risk for cancers of the mouth, pharynx, larynx, oesophagus, colon and rectum, and breast as well as cirrhosis and liver cancer. Men shouldn't drink more than two standard drinks of alcohol a day while women no more than one a day.

Else we need to eat less and eat mostly foods of plant origin instead of red meat and processed meat. To cut down meat intake is helpful to the environment and meat production has taken a large amounts of agricultural land and water.

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Get swift cash approval


If your car met an accident and demand quick repairing or there are some pending bills which need to be repay on time to avoid any penalty charges? But your salary is not sufficient to handle all these expenses. Then how will you manage these expenses? For handling this kind of unforeseen emergency expenses you may take assist of payday loans.

These payday loans are mainly proposed for managing small term urgent monetary expenses. These loans are approved against your next month paycheck. With these loans one can get amount ranges from £100 to £1500 for the term period of 14-31 days. The range is also dependent upon the requirements and repayment capability of the borrowers. Under payday loans you are supposed to pay high interest charges to the lender due to its unsecured nature.

Before accessing the funds you must fulfill certain conditions then only you can avail amount. The requirements are as follows:

Ø You must have 18 years of age

Ø Permanent citizen of UK

Ø Possessing a good job

Ø Having permanent bank account

Through payroll loans borrowers having poor records can easily access the amount without any issue on their records like bankruptcy, defaults, arrears, insolvency, missed payments etc. The reason could be its no credit check procedure. Even these loans are meant for small term purposes that’s why there is no need to pledge any collateral at times of applying for loans.

The loans funds can be utilized for fulfilling various purposes, such as:

Ø Buying a second hand car

Ø Sudden illness

Ø Funding your college or school fee

Ø Repaying previous debts

Ø Various business promotional activities, etc

The online application process makes its approval fast and simple. No faxing of papers are desired only you just need to fill a form with simple details and submit it online. Once it gets approved your amount will be credited into your account within next business hour.

If you desire quick cash you may rely upon payday loans and avail quick funds without any hassle.

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Quick financial resort


Instant financial help without getting troubled with undue formalities is what one seeks out when urgent financial problems strike in. if small financial problems are disturbing you and you are unable to fix them up due to financial constraints then same day loans no faxing are a solution. Now you can entail instant cash the very same day without facing any faxing formality.

These loans offer fast money that too without any credit check or collateral placement formalities to trouble you with. Borrowers who don’t own or are not interested in pledging asset can avail these loans. Bad credit records like arrears, late payments, defaults, IVA, CCJs, skipped payments or other such records are easily acceptable for these loans.

Quick loans as the name refers these are the loans that enable us to meet our urgent and unexpected cash need instantly. One can meet various unplanned expenses like electricity bills, grocery bills; expenses like travel or medical; sudden car repairs, like, school fee etc. All small and regular financial needs can be paid off well on time without much delay.

One can borrow small loan amount within small range of £100 to £ 1500. The borrowed sum of money has to be repaid in the time frame of 2 weeks or 31 days. Before applying, one must know that interest rates charged are marginally high because of their short term nature.

To get quick approval of quick loans borrower must be fulfill certain requirements such as he must have a must be of 18 years. These qualifications are the basic requirements and to seek quick loan approval a borrower must meet these requirements duly.

Online mode of availing same day loans is a preferable option over traditional as it offers various facilities. One can fill application form online itself. The funds are approved within 24 hours and are directly transferred to your account. There are various lenders to choose from.

Same day loans no faxing are free from formalities. Unnecessary formalities will not bother you anymore!

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Mesothelioma Cancer Info


The endothelial lining of blood vessels, lymphatics spaces and serous membranes occasionally give rise to tumors which could be malignant.

They could arise from the pleura (Pleural mesothelioma) and rarely from the pericardium (Pericardial Mesothelioma) or Peritoneum (Peritoneal Mesothelioma.) Asbestos inhalation may provoke their development, blue asbestos fibers especially have been shown to be a cause this.

Pleural Mesothelioma
The pleura is often secondarily affected by breast cancer or lung cancer, however Pleural Mesothelioma is one malignant tumor that deserves mention because of the severe nature of the disease and also because of financial compensation the victim is entitled to in most cases.

Pleural Mesothelioma is an aggressive tumor that is associated with asbestos exposure and it is a notifiable condition because the sufferers may be eligible for compensation.

Signs and Symptoms of Pleural Mesothelioma
-Unilateral (one sided) pleural effusion (fluid in the pleura)
-Shortness of breath
-Chest pain
-Weight loss in advanced cases
-Fever and night sweats in advanced cases

-CT scan shows pleural thickening with compression of the lung.
-Thorascopic biopsy (surgeon makes a hole in the chest to get to the pleura and takes sample for laboratory tests)

Treatment of Pleural Mesothelioma
The disease follows a progressive course over 12-24 months. Cure is rarely possible because the tumor is unresponsive to radiotherapy or chemotherapy and palliation is difficult, relief and supportive measures are best arranged at an early stage mainly just to prolong if possible, the life of the victim. New forms of treatment have started to emerge, but the results have not been well proven.

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Breast Cancer-Signs & Symptoms


The best way to deal with breast cancer, both before being diagnosed and after, is to be completely knowledgeable about it. Educating yourself about its symptoms, signs and causes can help you detect it early and also avoid it. With every one woman in eight being at the risk of getting breast cancer, it is the best thing we can do for ourselves.

To understand breast cancer, it is important that you understand its signs and symptoms so you can detect it at an early stage and prevent any further harm.

Signs & Symptoms

The first subjective sign or first symptom of breast cancer is a lump that feels different from the rest of the breast tissue. As per the Merck Manual, more than almost 80 percent of breast cancer cases are detected by a women when she feels a lump through a breast self examination. The American Cancer Society states that the first medical sign of breast cancer is detected by the physician when he discovers it through a mammogram. Another indication of breast cancer is the detection of lumps in the lymph nodes located in the armpits, as the first area it starts spreading to is the lymph nodes there.

There are other signs or symptoms as well, like:
Change in the size of the breast,
Change of the shape,
The skin of the breast starts dimpling,
There is nipple inversion,
Spontaneous single nipple discharge,
Pain in the breast (mastodynia) is not a reliable symptom, but can also be indicative of other breast problems.

When breast cancer cells spread to the dermal lymphatics, that is, the small lymph vessels present in the skin of the breast, it can resemble skin inflammation and thus is known as Inflammatory Breast Cancer (IBC). The symptoms of this kind of breast cancer include pain, warmth, swelling, redness throughout the breast and an orange peel texture to the skin, which is referred to as peau d’orange.

Paget’s disease of the Breast

Another complex symptom of breast cancer is the Paget’s disease of the breast. In this syndrome the skin presents changes as eczematoid skin changes. It shows redness and mild flaking of the skin of the nipple. It is said that as Paget’s advances, the symptoms may change to redness, itching, tingling, burning, increased sensitivity and pain. Around half of the women diagnosed with Paget’s syndrome have also had a lump in the breast.

Metastatic Breast Cancer

Sometimes breast cancer presents itself as metastatic disease, which means the cancer that has spread from its original organ, the breast. The symptoms of metastatic breast cancer depend upon the location of the metastasis. Common sites where metastasis occurs is the bone, lung, liver and the brain. Unexplained weight loss can be a sign of an occurrence of breast cancer, as can fever and chills. Pain in the joints can be manifestations of metastatic breast cancer. Jaundice and neurological symptoms, too, could point towards this. These symptoms are non-specific; that means they could be the symptoms of any other illness.

Many times the symptoms of a breast disorder do not turn out to represent breast cancer. There are benign breast diseases, like mastitis and fibrodenoma, which can be the causes of the symptoms, though any symptom should be considered seriously at all times by both patients and doctors.

Being diagnosed with breast cancer can be an unsettling experience. Useful resources to deal with this time are books. You could consider Secrets of Cancer Survivors by Elizabeth Gould. For more information, please click here:

Danielle Summers works as a counsellor specialising in helping the patients of life threatening diseases such as cancer. She also likes to talk about her work through her articles over the internet.

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Common Mesothelioma Terminology


Mesothelioma is a form of cancer that is fairly rare, but very serious. If you or a friend has been diagnosed with this form of cancer, knowledge is the key to dealing with the diagnosis, treatment and potential outcomes.

Mesothelioma is a malignant cancer found in the Mesothelium. The Mesothelium is often referred to as the lining found in the chest cavity and abdomen. A better description of it is that it acts as a sort of protective sack around the internal organs. It consists of two layers. One presses against the organs and the other acts as a sack of sorts. There is lubrication between these two layers, which allows the organs to move freely such as when the lungs inflate and deflate with air.

Mesothelioma occurs when cells in this layer start to mutate and grow uncontrollably. This cancer is particularly difficult to deal with because the Mesothelium is so pervasive through the chest cavity that the cancerous cells can spread far and wide. That being said, most forms of Mesothelioma begin in the lining around the lungs or abdomen. Once established, they can spread in any direction.

The biggest risk factor for Mesothelioma is working with asbestos. Of all the Mesothelioma cases diagnosed each year, approximately 70 to 80 percent have histories of extensive exposure to asbestos in the work place or other areas. Asbestos is prevalent in so many products that it is not clear whether the 30 to 20 percent of non-asbestos cases actually reflect no interaction with the fiber or just a lack of knowledge of interaction.

Mesothelioma can take a long time to develop with some cases showing a 40 year gestation period. That being said, it is a hard form of cancer to control once it does manifest. A top notch oncologist should be consulted, but general treatment options include radiation, surgery and chemotherapy. The National Cancer Institute is also running clinical trials on new treatment possibilities and participating in the same may be an option for certain people diagnosed with the cancer.

Mesothelioma is a very tough diagnosis because it often is only detected in the very late stages of the disease. That doesn't mean it has to be fatal. Now you understand what it is, take action and investigate the treatment options available.

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