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The BlackBerry is the brainchild of the unit of the noteworthy Canadian manufacturer, Research IN Motion that was founded in Canada in 1984. The various features that BlackBerry phones offer including email, text messaging, website browsing, faxing through Internet came up in 2002. The world of colors opened for Blackberry mobile with its full color screen of 5810 in 2002.At the present time BlackBerry have 8000 series of BlackBerry mobile phones.

And this historical achievement made BlackBerry a full-bodied business class plus entertaining widget with array of modern technologies including EDGE in GSM network, Wi-Fi and other enhanced specifications. The latest BlackBerry series that recently launched is 9000 where touch screen, slider phone, angular and curvy keyboard to make the phones really attractive and user-friendly.

BlackBerry mobile has the business market nailed, with the several different business ranges including the more traditional Curve and Bold models, as well as the slimmer Pearl line and touch screen BlackBerry 9500 Storm. The latest phones are packed with portable media powers, that let the peoples communicate whenever and wherever they want. Blackberry 6230 is the most memorable phone for Berry in its first year. The phone was introduced in 2002, the very first year of Blackberry mobiles.

Blackberry 8700 was the first phone of Blackberry to target private consumers as well as business oriented world. The Pearl 8110 was the first fashionable pearl phone introduced in 2006. The Blackberry Bold and Blackberry Storm are two latest Blackberry mobiles that include the features like 3G Wi Fi and GPS.

Blackberry Bold is a big powerhouse for business users while the Blackberry Storm is the very first touch screen phone that offer a tactile panel you push down to click. BlackBerry Pearl 8100 belongs to the popular pearl series of Blackberry mobiles. 8100 is the smallest BlackBerry Smartphone to hit the market with its latest features. The other latest Blackberry phones available in the market are Curve 8300, Pearl Flip 8220, Curve 8310, Curve 8320, Curve 8900 javelin and 7130g. These Blackberry mobile phones are available with the deals like Blackberry contract deal, cheap Blackberry mobiles and many more that attract the mobile phone users.

Blackberry phones have become the most popular mobile supplier because BlackBerry has included functionalities such as corporate data access, calendar, paging, organizer, wireless Internet browsing, Wi Fi and GPS features.

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