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Movie Review - Transformers 2: Revenge of the Fallen

Starring Shia LaBeouf, Megan Fox, and Optimus Prime.

Rated PG-13 for intense sequences of sci-fi action violence, language, some crude and sexual material, and brief drug material.

After what seemed like an amazingly long wait - Transformers 2 finally hits the big screen in a huge way. This is a long, addictive, action-packed, true to the series, almost offensive in parts, crazy and wild movie that is almost guaranteed to satisfy fans even if most critics are so far not enjoying the thrill ride. Only one glance at most review sites including the poll and you find that out of a possible 100% - Transformers is currently ranking at 38%. Not exactly a good number, but the first flick didn't quite hit all time highs either coming in at a final score of 57%.

I'm a critic but I'm also a 'fanboy' which means I'm pretty much a fan of Transformers no matter how stupid the story or acting or movie-making in general is - just as long as they get the overall feel correct and they did. A friend of mine pointed out how correct they actually did get it according to details that even I didn't catch as I was too busy being bombarded by awesomeness throughout the entire flick. He mentioned little details like how different robots like Soundwave do and say things that are correct according to Transformers history. They also put in little knowing references to past Transformers properties such as the original animated film and the TV show. Overall - they treat Transformers with respect according to the comic books and other stories that have already been told.

Transformers picks up where the first film left off with Optimus Prime and the rest of the Autobots hunting down the rest of the Decepticons on Earth. Little do they know, a war is brewing beneath them as an ancient Decepticon is making his return to Earth. The humans - mainly Sam played by the ever excellent Shia LaBeouf - is going to college and dealing with leaving current girlfriend Makayla(Megan Fox) behind while still retaining her as a girlfriend. He also has a severe case of not wanting to deal with the supernatural circumstances he's in but lead a regular life.

Transformers starts with a bang and never lets up - the action is pretty much non-stop and the only time they slow down is to get all the characters to the next place to blow some more stuff up. All of the fight sequences are laid out back to back with extreme dedication to making each scene seem new and fresh instead of the same old robots hitting each other. The special effects and CGI that is on display here is impressive. The robots and humans interact seamlessly allowing the viewer a suspension of disbelief to really get involved in the story. However, the story - even if it is a great Transformers story adapted to the big screen - is still lacking, but there's no much you can do with the story when the biggest two reasons to see this movie are the robots and everything they do - blow stuff up, transform and look awesome - AND Megan Fox. So, the story is a bit off but I don't care - I still loved it.

The other complaint by critics that are reviewing this film so low is the acting. Sure, the acting is not Academy Award worthy but should it be? I just want someone in the roles that are capable of getting me interested in the general story and Shia is a more than capable leading man. I'd watch this guy do relatively nothing as he manages to captivate my attention in everything he does and in Transformers he does his absolute best to compete with the robots for screen time and that's exactly what I need. The other actors/actresses are there to move the story along so the robots can get back to fighting and all of them do an excellent job of being likable but not overstaying their presence. As mentioned before, one other actress makes this movie a must see event and that is Megan Fox - the IT girl of the moment. She doesn't so much as act, as look good - which is fine by almost anybody that watches this flick.

Transformers 2 had some surprises and threw me off a few times, but more importantly entertained me for the entire two and half hour run time. This is a huge movie and one that lives up - for me - to the hype. Yes, the movie is bigger in every way while recycling the same components that worked in the first one. Is it worth your money? YES YES YES YES YES YES YES YES!!!! I cannot describe the pure entertainment that this movie offers - it is spectacular. This is the type of movie you go to the theatre for because it's got so much stuff going on that you want to see it on a huge screen and get blasted with pounding Dolby Digital sound effects. It's the type of movie that keeps you so entertained throughout that you don't feel like almost 3 hours have passed. It's the type of movie that makes you cheer at the end and then think you should watch it again. It's the type of movie that will make people who can't handle a good action film for being a good action film complain that it doesn't have 'restraint' or no 'value' to the artistry of film. It's the type of movie that you should see AS SOON AS POSSIBLE. It's a guaranteed thrill ride that keeps you glued to the screen and I HIGHLY recommend this film.

Transformers 2 Revenge of the Fallen is playing at Cinema 3 starting Tuesday Night at Midnight for a special Midnight Release before the official release on Wednesday June 24th. Check for showtimes and more information. Also - for the little ones, this flick is pretty hardcore and probably just barely escapes the R rating by a stroke of luck. There is not very much blood but lots of violence and an amazing amount of language and innuendo. Be warned.

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