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When it comes to businesses, the lack of finance can render all the employees and businessmen’s efforts useless. Moreover, having a source of finance is not enough unless the money can be obtained fast and without hassles in order to cover for unexpected situations that always rise in everyday commerce and need to be solved expeditiously.

Regular Financing Options:

When it comes to business finance, there are many flexible options available such as leasing, factoring, regular loans, etc. However, all these options lack the attribute that we are discussing in the present article. Though sometimes all the above are the cheapest options for financing equipment purchases, manufacturing and internal or foreign sales, the truth is that they fail to provide a solution when time is an issue.

If you are about to complete a good deal and a machine broke up and you lack the funds for repairing, you can not wait for a leasing contract to be signed in order to replace the equipment and if the delivery is close enough, you probably will not have enough time to request a regular business loan either.

Fast Options for Business Finance:

There are mainly two finance alternatives when time is an issue: Fast Business Loans and a Business Line of Credit. Which one is the best choice depends on many factors such as: time available, amount needed, recurring, credit situation, income expectation, etc.

Fast Business Loans require no long credit verifications. The money you need can be obtained quickly with little paperwork. However, further paperwork and credit checks may be needed after the money is delivered in order to close the deal on better terms. Business Lines of Credit on the other hand, take more time to be approved. But once you have a line of credit agreed, you will be able to borrow the money you need at any time, return it the way you want (with certain limits) and borrow more money as many times as you need it up to the credit maximum.

The Interest Rate charged for fast business loans is higher due to the fact that there are not so many requirements and fewer credit checks. This implies a greater risk for the lender that is compensated by higher rates and higher costs. However, the difference will not be more than 3 or 4 percentage points.

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