Cystic Acne Cure Tips


This is a more serious form of acne vulgaris. Papules form the most memorable
reddish bump without pain. The papule should not be confused with an acne cyst
which are much larger usually 6 or more milli-meters across. Those who suffer
with an acne cyst should try to avoid squeezing them. If you do you may make
the infection much worse and much more painful.

The best first step to getting rid of these things is prevention!

Their are some aspects of acne that are not preventable:
Genetics. If you father and mother had it you will more than likely will to.
Make sure to thank them!
Hormones: Mostly during adolescence when the body kicks production of androgen's
which push oil production into high gear. This can clog up your pores and give
you acne. Also menstrual and birth control pills can cause hormone changes
which can also start an outbreak.

But their are many causes of cystic acne that can be avoided:
Stress, Harsh cleaners, Greasy makeup, squeezing a pimple, and your diet. All
of these influence your chance to get a cystic acne outbreak, so take care to
be clean and oil free and continue to take care of your skin.

If your exfoliating and using a deep pore cleanser along with a mask and taking
cool showers you should see a great reduction in the cystic acne you may
normally experience. If you do not you should definitely consult a dermatologist
as they may prescribe you some retin gel or provide a different path of
treatment not mentioned which could help you out a great deal in the war on
cystic acne.

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